Contributing a mirror

Contributing a mirror to Exherbo is fairly simple. It consists of syncing with the master mirror every so often via rsync, adding an entry to the arbor line in ::arbor’s mirrors.conf, and sending a patch to Gerrit which adds the mirror.

Mirrors with HTTP(S), FTP, with IPv4 and v6 (or both) are accepted currently.

For example, on the mirror at somasis.com, a cronjob executes rsync at the 42nd minute of 2:00 (that’s AM, for 12-hour users) every day:

42 2 * * * flock /srv/www/somasis.com/mirror/exherbo-sync.lock rsync -ruvtE rsync://distfiles.exherbo.org/exherbo-mirror /srv/www/somasis.com/mirror/exherbo

flock is used to prevent long rsync operations from starting when the file lock is currently used; otherwise it could result in multiple rsync instances running at a time.

rsync -ruvtE: rsync recursively, update the local directory, verbosely, transfer modification times, and preserve executability.

Obviously, you should not copy this example blindly.

In addition, please don’t synchronize much more than a day. The main mirror only updates once a day. Your IP may be banned if you are mean to the mirror.

Practice common courtesy and don’t be rude to our servers. Thank you. :)

List of mirrors

Mirror URLOwnerLocationNotes
http://distfiles.exherbo.org/distfilesKim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgGermanyMaster mirror, IPv4 only
http://mirrors.dotsrc.org/exherbo/Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgDenmarkDual IP stack
ftp://mirrors.dotsrc.org/exherbo/Kim Højgaard-Hansen kimrhh@exherbo.orgDenmarkDual IP stack
https://www.somasis.com/dl/mirror/exherbo/Kylie McClain somasis@exherbo.orgGermanyDual IP stack, HTTPS only

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